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Welcome Love

I'm Megan... wife, momma to 4 babes and founder of The Oil Lovin' Momma Tribe and I am so happy you are here. You may have also found me over at @theoillovinmomma on instagram sharing all things oils and a splash of life over there. This space was created to share my love for the oils and the journey it has taken our family in the past 6 years.  We have spent 5 years creating a tribe of like minded souls who were also seeking natural wellness for the day to day.  I am far from perfect, probably a little bit of an over sharer, k not probably and a woman who seeks to add love and joy into her life wherever she can while honouring that I am not perfect...

Far from it and there is so much room for grace in that. 


I know you are suppose to keep the intro short for these types of pages but I tend to not always follow the flow so I am going to share a little back story with you guys how we got to this place... The Oil Lovin' Momma Tribe. 



How it all began... 


I was invited by a friend to an essential oil class bc I had told her I was having some serious pregnancy migraines with our fourth child.  I had three kids 4 and under at the time and was searching for something natural to bring some relief.  She invited me to her essential oil class which I hesitantly said yes to bc A. It was another MLM (aren't those pyramid schemes?) and B. the last thing I needed was to sit around "fragrance" all night.  I thought about cancelling but wanted to support my friend.. Isn't that how all these stories begin?

I sat there and listened to story after story how these oils had brought wellness, health, and joy into people's homes. How empowered they felt from these little brown bottles.  I felt like I was simply being educated NOT sold to and given the freedom to make up my own mind if this was for us and it turned out to be a refreshing night out.  To my surprise I tried some peppermint oil for some head tension and was blown aways how effective it was. 

So I did what every smart woman does and bought the whole starter kit (still my fav) and figured it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission right?

I came home and proudly told my husband I just invested $200 into our family's health care to which he told me congratulations you got scammed.  Over the next many months we began to play, experiment and dive into the oils.  I won't lie I was still a bit of a skeptic but over and over they kept winning me over as they proved themselves so valuable to our home. I began replacing all household cleaners, skin products, everything and replacing it with oils. 


We began reaching to them for owies, head tension, sore muscles, soothing emotions, better sleep, better digestion, skin... everything. Did they cover every single thing in our lives? No. But they made me feel empowered in our home and improved so many areas of our wellness and lives that I knew there was much more to these little brown bottles. 

I was pretty anti MLM simply due to ignorance of the model but this felt different.  I didn't feel like I was chasing people down. I started having people ask me how they could get these magical oils I talked about non stop so decided to maybe sell them simply so friends and family would too be able to get them in their homes to at the wholesale pricing we received...   And thus birthed The Oil Lovin' Momma. A momma to 4 kids 5 and under who loved the oils and simply wanted to share that with others.

To this day this is still the root of why I educate about the oils.  Because they way they have served our home, the way they love on us, the way they make me feel empowered, that I have more tools at my fingertips in how I serve my family when it comes to their health in body, mind and spirit. 

As more like minded women began to share my visions for educating others and linked arms with me I discovered how much I also loved the business side of the oils.  I had no idea that the opportunity and other side of these brown bottles would provide such a blessing to our family.  To so many other families too in both wellness, and financial health. Being able to travel, buy our dream home, retire my husband (and then realize we both were better off with him working and doing what he loved BUT we had the freedom to freely explore that) the opportunity to share my story, to stretch my wings and share with others something I was so passionate about. 

Doterra has opened so many doors, and given us so much freedom of choice but more then that I have gained: 

- The most beautiful community in my circle
- Friendships that will last me a lifetime
- I found a passion beyond motherhood that allowed me to use other gifts
 -My voice
- Confidence in who I am and who I am here to serve
- Love, Joy and so much more.

If I never made another dollar sharing my love for what these oils have done for our family I would still share about them bc they truly transformed the way we live, the way we love, the way we support our bodies, heart and soul.  My heart and soul is in this work. 

I Said No to "selling" many times before i said what if... 

We fell in love...

xo Meg

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