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Make my feed Pretty...

- 1 : 1 Instagram Visual Coaching -


Are you working hard to grow your business, your brand, or your instagram account but find you are struggling with the visuals or getting that bio just right?

Having a cohesive feed that is visually pleasing but also reflects who you are and what you have to offer is vital to growing your space, business and reach. 

With an english and art degree, hitting the top 2% in my company and using Instagram as a vehicle to assist with growing my business...  creating a space that visually grabs the attention of my target market to grow my business has been a passion of mine for years.  Making this simple for others to do too is a passion of mine that I want to extend to others. 

My goal is to help you create a feed that visually stands out. One that reflects who you are and helping you create the instagram feed of your dreams that works for you so you do not feel like you are a slave to the creation process but have a system that works for you but helps to grow your account and attract the customer/audience you want to work with. 

It does not have to be complicated or something that takes up hours and hours of your time each week to have a visually pleasing feed let me guide you in how. 

I have chosen a one on one setting to work with clients bc i want to offer a personalized approach to creating with you.  I do not feel having a feed that reflects you is a one size fits all so visually i want to support what message you are wanting to give your audience. 

Creating a space that reflects who you are + helps you stand out 

How it works...

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Step 01.

step 02.

step 03. 

The Prep.

Click "THE FORM" below and fill it out to let me know about your vision for your instagram. Or contact me below with your information to get in touch with you. 

Give as much detail as possible in the form so I can grasp your vision of what you want to create and we can be fully prepared for your meeting. 

Before our time together I will create a plan and vision for your account than we will plan together on how to achieve this.  

The Meeting. 

I will send you the document before our call of notes i have created after reviewing your instagram account.

We will spend 90 minutes together creating and planning the vision for your account and how to achieve this through simple design ideas that will be something you are able to do and create on your own moving forward. 

Below you can read a full description of  things we will cover in our time together. 

The Follow Up. 

After we meet we will do a 20 minute follow up call to answer anymore questions you may have and to give any tweaks to the work you have created after our time together. 

You will leave feeling equipped with a  vision of where you visually want to take your account and how to create the content and visuals that you are wanting, to deliver your message and brand with confidence,. 

Together  We Will Focus On:

Building a bio that stands out and reflects who you are. 

What feel you want your Instagram to have and how to visually achieve this. 

How to create your own content from your cell phone. 

How to save time and still be effective with delivering your content. 

How to create content to tell a story that will connect with your target audience. 

How to create a cohesive feed visually that will make your account stand out. 

How to choose a preset for your account and how to easily edit images.

How to batch create content. 

Writing content that adds value to your audience. 

How to use the lighting + materials in your home to create 
the perfect content for your brand. 

How to visually make your vision come to life without
spending a fortune.


The Investment

90 Minute Zoom
Call $497 CA

Presale pricing $397CA

+ 20 min follow up call 3 weeks later
to prepare:

Fill in the form and the contact info below so I know your vision more clearly before we connect. 

I will review your Instagram before we meet to have a clear idea of where you are at visually and where you want to move forward visually so we can jump right in with a plan that works for you moving forward. 

To Book Your Time or Ask Questions to see if We would be a Good Fit...

I cannot wait to create with you.

What people are saying... 

Thank you for your reviews. xo

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