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dōTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program 

here's the deal on why so many dōTERRA customers + advocates preach this amazing program.

1. It's customized for you... by you - that's right you get to pick + choose every month what you need and switch it up month by month.  unlike other subscription boxes that do it for you and send you products you aren't really digging. you also get to choose what day you want your goods shipped to you and can switch this up monthly.
(right up until the day before it's set to ship)

2. Spend no extra- i buy products i actually use that i USED to buy from shoppers drug mart.  items like cleaners, natural deodorant (that actually works) toothpaste, skin care, hair love, laundry soap, hand wash... you name it. 

3. Teeny Minimum order- unlike most companies you can choose to order simply 1 item each month.  like say a $4 lip gloss for your monthly box.  for example, if all you wanted was your deodorant, or a bottle of lemon oil or toothpaste you can order that one thing. (i have yet to only order one thing... but it is your choice babe... that is the beauty.)

4. Freebies- every month i receive a free product (product of the month) with orders that are over 125pv

5. free points- i get up to 55% off retail prices with my monthly wellness box as i earn points each month.  the longer i have been with dōTERRA the more i get back... hello amazing right?

6. free shipping- when i spend $5.99 in shipping straight to my door i get $6 back to spend on future products.  who doesn't love front door delivery service? 

7. cancel anytime- no locked in sign ups, no gross catches.  it's super easy to cancel and you still get to have your 25% wholesale account for the year if you choose to cancel the program. 

Topics i focused on every month while growing my collection and getting free oils in return 

month 1: hair

shampoo + conditioner
root to tip serum

month 2: cleaning

on guard concentrate
on guard laundry soap
on guard hand soap
tea tree
on guard

month 3: skin

essential skin collection (or verage)

month 4: calming + sleep


a guide to different topics to integrate oils into 

Life Long Vitality
*US warehouse 


Monthly Wellness Box Program

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So How Do I Take Part?

Option 1

  • When you Initially Purchase Your Starter Kit there is an Option to Set up you Loyalty Reward Order 
    *kit includes wholesale membership

  • Place the Products you want in the cart for Next Month. Choose the date you want it to Ship to You.

  • Save the Template 

You Have the Freedom to Order between both Warehouses if you are a Canadian Citizen

Option 2

  • Purchase Your Starter Kit or Wholesale Membership.  

  • When you are Ready to Start Growing Your Collection month by month or need to Replace a few Favourites Create A New LRP Template.

  • If you are not Interested in the Program at this time, Your Wholesale Account gives you the Option to order whenever you please without having to do so monthly.  This option is called One-Time Ordering. 

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*Message me after you  signed you up for further details or a brief "walk through" (quick zoom call) how to utilize this amazing program 

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