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3 Ways to Use Essential Oils

Before we begin, to clarify I only use and recommend for any of these methods dōterra essential oils due to their incredible transparency in their testing, the numerous ways they test including third party testing, their sourcing model and co-impact sourcing model. Let's jump in.

Aromatic: This method includes diffusing, inhaling oils from the bottle, putting a drop in your hands and taking deep inhales, or applying to jewelry to enjoy the emotional benefits of the essential oils. This type of application of the oils is beneficial as it speaks to the limbic system (responsible for functions like emotions, behaviour, memory, learning, motivation and much more) in the brain through the passages of the olfactory. Sending messages to the brain which transmit to the body. Benefits of aromatic use include, calming, better sleep, respiratory support, energizing and much more.

Topical: This method involves applying the oils onto the body. You can apply directly to the area of concern (ex. tummy issues, roll oils on tummy, sore muscles, roll oils on area that is stiff). We also frequently use the bottoms of the feet as they are a map to our entire bodies. *check out the foot map below. We can apply oils in specific areas on the bottoms of the feet for different concerns. The skin is also less sensitive on the bottoms of our feet so its a great spot to apply oils for babies or those with sensitive skin. Dōterra has a number of oils in the "touch" form as well, meaning they have been pre-diluted in a coconut oil base for you to make application ready for the skin. HOT oils are ones you are going to want to heavily dilute when applying to the body. (ex. clove + cinnamon) . Not to worry, dilution of the oils does not change their potency. I highly recommend diluting before application to the body. Great carrier oils include fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil. Benefits of topical use include: glowing skin, immune support, digestive support, cardiovascular support, head tension, sore muscles, feelings of overwhelm, and sleeping just to name a few, the benefits are endless.

Internal: this method is a personal choice to each individual. As a reminder I only use and recommend dōterra's essential oils due to their transparency on what is in the bottle, specifically with internal usage. Ways that we take them internally is in our water, (for example a drop of lemon to sip away and provide internal cleansing) in capsules for immune support, digestive support, detoxing the body and overall wellness and vitality.

*It's important to do your own research to know which ones are safe for ingesting and which ones are not as not all essential oils are meant for ingestion. Great Resources by Dōterra for: Aromatic Usage Here Internal Usage Here Topical Usage Here

For more information on how to purchase dōterra essential oils i have created a space just for you to learn about all the different ways to begin your journey with the oils or resources for continued education.


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