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At Home Learning Support

Home learning.

Not much to say about it except ALL THE OILS please, and here we go.

I grabbed some fav blends and added them to our learning room for the kids to apply as needed as well as whipped up a few diffuser bombs. (Make premade blends of your fav oils to simply add to the diffuser and cut out a bunch of steps)


*apply all to back of neck.

• Thinker: a great support for focus, working out the wiggles, brain wide open and ready to learn, alertness, support.

• Calmer: a blend to calm the heart, help littles sit longer and be able to pay attention, calms the wild while needed. *great for parents too

• Peace: home learning brings up lots of emotions for everyone. Being on screen can bring up anxious thoughts, all the things... a great support for working through the emotions of all of this. * great for parents too.


Equal drops of each in an old EO bottle. Add stickers so you remember what oils are in it.

• Grapefruit

• Cypress

• Siberian fir

Amazing for calming, focus, making the space cheerful yet calm, shifting out any blah energy to keep the moods positive.

• Rosemary

• Lavender

• Balance

To turn brains on for learning, to keep the space settled, to bring balance to an unfamiliar or oh to familiar and I don’t love it situation.

• Serenity

• Eucalyptus

• Wild Orange

For peace, for joy, for open airways to help support our bodies, to stay alert.

Tell me some of yours!

The diffuser pictured here is the brevi, a great diffuser for smaller rooms to get the oils dancing right where you need them.

The roam or pilot would also work amazing and plunk that baby right in the middle of the table (cordless diffusers) where learning is happening.

With you on this wild ride. ✌🏻


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