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You would think having 4 babies we would have this down to a fine science, but we don't. No one has this perfect because our babies are continually evolving and growing each day and taking in new experiences that they are processing. However, we are constantly listening, and creating new jams for our kiddos so the end of their day sets them up for an incredible sleep.

So let's dig in shall we?

A lil side note before we start... If we can we get them outside every day. Fresh air does wonders for our babies (us too) so we try our best to add this into each day . Understandably it's not happening every day in the winter months but we feel in our home it's so good not only for their wellness but their sleep too. K nightly routine shall we?

Firstly, we limit the amount of screen time in our house in general and on school nights at least an hour before bed. The screen time on school nights is usually homework related or an online reading program. Like I said this is shut down an hour min. before bedtime so there isn't a bright light stimulating their brains when we are trying to tell them it's time to sleep. Usually an hour before bed i do swipe of lavender to the back of the necks too. Second, set the mood for sleep. I start with the lighting. I turn on all the lamps in the bedrooms and turn off the bright overhead lights 30 minutes before bed so its softer lighting starting to tell the body it's time to get ready to rest.

Then I prep all the diffusers (diffusing tips here) with my Favourite Sleep Blends based around the type of day my kids have had and what the energy going into bedtime looks like. (see recipes below) Next we spray all of the bedding and pillows with my "Sweet Dreams" linen spray. *add the oils, water, shake and spray.

Ultimate Calming Bath: There is nothing that beats a good epsom salt + lavender oil tub soak to calm those babes down. Personally baths are mine and my daughters jams, my boys have prefer showers so we do oils like cedar wood on the ledge so it creates a nice calming steam room for them.

I love lavender for its calming properties but we also have favourites such as: cedar wood, aroma touch, sandalwood, peace, serenity, clary sage.

While they soak their air begins to dance with the power of essential oils to help them drift off into a deeper beauty sleep leaving them refreshed for the day ahead.

We brush and dry hair, jammies, and read a book together. We talk about a highlight and anything on their hearts they want to talk about for a few minutes then it is off to dream land.

If it's been a day that is full for their little minds I like to throw on a meditation from the CALM APP as well while they drift off. And if they are having a really hard time usually a swipe of vetiver under the nose does the trick. It's a simple routine but one we have found to be quite effective in our home. Below you will see different blends we rotate throughout our home. Like I mentioned above gauging how each child's day has been and asking what their body needs for the night. I love that each blend can be tailor made to the emotions and stresses of the days to help the mind calm and the body rest.

Have a dōterra account babe? Head over there and add some of these goodies to your collection at wholesale pricing to start getting a better night's sleep. Not a dōterra member yet but feel a pull to add these oils into your home? I would love to guide this journey for you. Head over to our GETTING STARTED page for all the FAQ's and information, next pick the starter kit that speaks to you. Not wanting a kit but wanting more choice in what oils you purchase for your first order? The $42 wholesale account is perfect to collect all the oils above at 25% off. (including all your oils you purchase for an entire year). Have more questions? Let's connect. xo


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