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"Cheaper Oils"

Behind the Bottle...

To start my love, ALL RECIPES, tips things shared in this space I only talk about using dōTERRA oils... that’s it.

Not oils from Winners, (y’all know I love my winners... but for clothes NOT my oils and diffusers), Michaels, the dollar store, amazon or other “notable companies” making claims they are “pure”.

There are companies out there selling “THE SAME AS MLM BUT CHEAPER” brand oils and using this type of marketing to get people to buy their oils all the dang time....

Let’s drop the just like “MLM “tag”... honestly MLM structure simply cuts out the "middle man"(advertising) that ALL companies for every. thing. you. buy. usually pays for advertising... we the advocates are their advertisement... we don’t pay big box stores to hold our product or tv commercials to get you to buy... we use advocates... actual people actually using the oils and sharing how they do so, this whole “mark up” bc its MLM products is rubbish...

K back to what I want to talk about which is what is ACTUALLY in your bottle + the PROCESS BEHIND the bottle.

But let’s pause for a second and dig in.

You get what you pay for... agree?

CHEAPER when talking oils can also means:

-unfairly paid farmers

-farmers ripped off for their work

-less quality oil despite a label “announcing” pure

-not sustainable practices

-0 transparency of what is actually in your bottle... for example, pesticides, other plant matter, heck even other plants that are similar in properties but cheaper

-over harvesting

I fell in love with Doterra’s oils and all the things they do but more so bc of THE INTEGRITY behind it all.

There are THREE main things I fell in Love with. Co-Impact Sourcing

• Their co-impact sourcing model that SUPPORTS the farmers, the land, the communities we source with.

Found cheap oils?

Like I said above...

First I would question the quality and what is actually in your bottle, second what are the practices they use with the farmers and land they source from?

Are they paid fairly?

Are they cared for and taken care of?

Are the farmers being taken advantage of?

Are they using sustainability practices?

Check out this video how frankincense is sourced 👇🏻

Now tell me does that $20, $30 bottle make sense to you?

Me either.

dōTERRA's Healing Hands Projects.

dōTERRA partners with companies like the Underground Railroad to help END child trafficking as well as so many amazing causes.

I encourage you to follow along @doterrahhf on insta to see all the amazing ways they partner with communities. I believe that seeing images and hearing stories that they share will open your eyes too.

Transparent Testing I love the dōTERRA that is FULLY TRANSPARENT to allow you to see exactly what is in this bottle.

* hint NO ONE in the essential oil world shows you what is in that bottle or their testing ... Why?

There is 0 governing body over essential oils so they don’t HAVE to be transparent with you.

The label can say pure, “as good as... oils” (for the record making claims they are the same as doterra got some companies in hot water bc there is 0 comparison in quality) natural, organic etc etc etc BUT they can sneak whatever they want in that bottle (synthetics, fragrance, pesticides, other cheaper plants with similar properties, over dilution) and never have to tell you... trust me many do!!

Head to if you want to see what’s really inside your little brown doterra bottle! Type in the lot number on the bottom and be amazed at all that has happened with that bottle of oil before it reached your hands.

Open authentic integrity. It really is everything. Over time we will break each of these 3 sections down more in depth as I am sure the more you dig in too love you will also see why this company is much more than just a typical Essential Oil company... There is so much more that happens Behind the Bottle.



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