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Diffusing Essential Oils.


Have fun with it love.

There’s no “diffuser rules” but people get a bit hung up on the “proper” way to do it.

so, Here’s a few tips from my home

to yours:

I generally stick to 2 -3 drops per oil if more drop out no biggie.

Doterra’s oils are very potent so you do not need to add a million drops in the diffuser to smell it or receive it’s benefits.

I usually use 3 oils max in the diffuser but like I said there are no rules and you can add more if you like. 3 max is usually my sweet spot.

If you have a little oil and water left in diffuser that’s fine. You can fill up and simply add more water and oils or dump out.

You do not need to clean the diffuser between each use my love. *I run a cap of vinegar and water for 10 min through them weekly to every other week depending when I remember, then wipe out.

I diffuse about 3 combos in our main area daily (morning, afternoon, evening) and then each bedroom has their own combo.

For little babies I leave bedroom door open for animals I leave the option open to leave the room

Time saver: if there is a blend you love and use often consider combining it into an old essential oil bottle so you do not have to open all the bottles separately each time. Makes for less steps.

IKEA has cute water jugs with a cork I fill these and keep them by the diffusers to keep it easy.

Hold the bottles to your nose that you want to diffuse together to see if you enjoy that blend first before adding to diffuser.

Make space to listen to your intuition and ask what oil you need today to support your body. Create your blend from there.

Have fun, there is no right or wrong way love.

Be creative.

xo M.


Current Fav Blends:

*these often change weekly

Have a dōterra account? Log in and scoop up these combinations at wholesale pricing to take your diffusing game to the next level. Not a member yet? I have created a space for you to learn about what a wholesale account is and how you can order your dōterra essential oils today. Head to our GETTING STARTED Page to see the different options available to you to begin your journey today. Still have questions? Let's connect. xo


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