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Get Your Body Back

Get your body back. Postpartum body is only acceptable for 9 months postpartum. Nine months growing a babe, should only take 9 months to get the weight off.

Don’t buy bigger sizes you will never work to get back into your old clothes. “Settling isn’t in our vocabulary” I got stretch marks so basically I can kiss bikinis goodbye. “Baby weight” is temporary. If you haven’t lost the baby weight in 1 year you are now just chubby. Well done. My love, its lies. It was inner dialogues, I had with myself many times over, culture talk everywhere that I am working to heal 5 years later since giving birth.

I wish I could go back to that girl that was in those years busting her butt at the gym, strict diets to get her body back before the next kid and tell her that her body will change, it will grow, shrink, stretch, sag regardless of what you do.

That “getting your body back” makes no sense. Because It never went anywhere darling it journeyed with you. It is you. I would tell her to pause, savour and honour the work that her body has done. That it grew, birthed, nursed and raised 4 children in 5 years. That it accomplished unbelievable things and still does. That a body does not define who you are. That your outer shell doesn’t dictate the amazing things about you.

Inner beauty is so much more important than what’s on the outside. That the heart of a person says so much more than their pant size. That sexy is a mindset.

That it’s ok to be comfortable in your skin and really own who you are even if the outer shell looks nothing like it did seasons ago. That it’s unfair to compare a body today to one before birthing children or even a version of you a year ago. Kids or not. Or to someone else’s. That the love and grace you freely extend to others also needs to be given to you. By you. Mommas this journey on the other side of birthing babes has been a journey. An acceptance of the body that is, that always was and will always be with me. A journey of acceptance, neutrality and slowly entering a space of love. A space of being comfortable in my skin bc it’s not what ever defined who I was in the first place. xo. M


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