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Healing the Insides

Sometimes in life we realize we are stuck. Deep in our cells stuck.

20 years of lies repeating over and over till they became what I thought were deep, painful truths. The thing is they were still lies... but sometimes we need someone to bring light to it and step in as a guide to give love, tools, awareness, support. We get caught in a story we simply can’t fight our way out of. Life is seemingly good expect for this one little thing that in real life is actually a huge thing. A belief system that has been damaged for years. When I look at these two little girls right here I knew for awhile now I need to fully heal for me, but more importantly them. In a culture that constantly tells us we are not enough. That celebrates when we loose weight but goes dead SILENT when we gain it, a saturated culture telling us to feel good... but not TOO good as you won’t need our make up, our diet pills, you won’t buy into the whole freaking diet culture that tells you unless you are eating your hamburger on a chunk of lettuce, resisting dessert always, or chugging celery juice every morning (even if you hate it) you are not succeeding. Do not mistake that I know these things are prob great for you but guilting people into thinking this practice will increase their SELF WORTH, get you closer to your “summer body” or that resistance of foods you enjoy is seen as a badge of honour, well it’s crap. God spoke to my heart for a long time but it wasn’t until recently that I really listened... Him and I have so much more work to do together and without healing this area fully in my life truly I would remain stuck. My daughters are my world. I do not want them or my sons to have body issues, disordered food relationships, deep doubts about themselves and in any way feeling that their outside appearance equates to their worth. So in order to be their best guide I needed a little guidance to believe and heal all this myself.

Guided healing so I can be the example my daughters desperately need in a world that is consumed by body weight, diets, and the latest food craze equating to worth. I needed to stand up to this and say it ends here.


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