• Megan Spoelstra

How's Retirement Going?

It’s been a little over a month since he’s been home. (for those who don't know what that means... quick refresher. i started a lil side hustle oil biz 4 years ago. it grew into the most beautiful business and eventually created enough income that my 36 year old husband retired from his high stress project management job to be home with us.) it's been a month now.

Many have asked how it’s been going...

The honest truth bc girl you know I am always bringing nothing but truth.

Week 1: this is amazing let’s do allllll the things together.

Week 2: holy crap I am not used to being around another human this often. I miss my 8:30-2:55 silence time. I am not used to someone asking me where I am and what I am up to Gah.

Week 3: we started to find a groove “ish”....

Week 4: enter mindset: I can breathe easier with you around.

Not going to lie though it’s been an adjustment to have daniel home (for both of us) which we knew it would be.

I had to let go of the fact that during the day I didn’t have to talk to anyone if I didn’t want to. And also let go of the fact that things aren’t always going to look or go as I have always done them.

There was a week or so that I felt a wee bit like is this going to last with him home? And I am sure he thought the same.

We were getting annoyed with one another bc we each had a different vision of what him being home looked like.

Then we talked about it.

Truly the root of any argument we ever have is usually partly due to lack of communication and a build up bc of lack of communication. Or needing to go have “a little fun in the bedroom ” and remove the bickering roommate status... y’all know what I am talking about.

We spoke about what we each envisioned the days and weeks to look like and suddenly we found ourselves in a groove thanks to COMMUNICATION.

New days... Not mine. Not his. But ours.

Our new normal.

To be honest we have found this peaceful flow to our days where there are no longer “his chores” and “my chores” but what needs to be done, gets done.

There is so much space for me to create and dig into what I am good at and I am loving it.

If I am totally honest I feel like I can breathe deeper. I feel like the last few years building my biz to where it’s at, daniel working full time (mostly in Toronto) and me also being a full time momma to our 4 babes... that in many instances we were in survival mode as there just wasn’t enough time... we had a vision though and we kept our eyes focused there.

Our kids were loved on and cared for greatly but in the background things were piling up. Like I said though we knew we were working towards THESE days.

Now, day by day the things are being tackled and we feel like we are entering into deeply living territory. Breathing deeper.

I feel we are entering days of freedom. Freedom to go on dates. To go to the gym together. To stop and have a coffee together. For me to work from a place of flow and creativity and so much more space to work. (I’m still an evening ninja some nights bc that is when all the ideas flow... but I have support in the morning to get the kids to school now) Freedom To breathe. Our kids having 2 attentive parents throughout the day. Peace.

My husband helps someone with concrete here and there, does renos and is making our home beautiful, while helping make lunches, doing the dishes, getting the groceries. We are blurring the roles of who does what and instead we both see the thing and are interwovenly loving on and caring for our family as a unit.

To be honest I LOVE my work. And to be able to have even more space for it expands my mind. We are at peace that there doesn’t have to be the designed role that bc he is the guy he needs to be the one providing and working outside of the home. His work with our babies is invaluable. There’s no ego over here like that.

It’s beautiful and refreshing. We are supporting one another. We are supporting our dream of what doterra continues to create with different roles in it. *For those curious he does not do the oils with me. But does all the other things to make space for me to flourish with the oils.

now babe, Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not always roses nor will it be always but I can say truly life is good.

Having Daniel around has been such a blessing. While there were a few kinks we are finding our groove and recognizing that the fact that our family gets to be together like this truly is a gift.

The support I am getting from him to grow my biz deeper is a gift.

My children having both parents around and in their day to day is priceless.

If anything my love let our story be an encouragement that you can create what your heart truly desires if you are willing to invest the time and energy into it. And not let anyone else tell you that you can’t. That my love is step 1 Xo