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Let's Talk Periods

When did period become a “dirty” word?

Something to be hidden, ashamed of, that was only whispered about when “the boys” were not in the room...

For something that happens monthly in many of our lives I am surprised how much awkwardness is felt still when talking about it in some circles.

I have two daughters I am raising and what language I use around this also becomes their language around it.

Are some of you squirming yet? I feel there is work to be done here around this conversation in our culture and I am gladly doing it in our home with conversations about our bodies, the way they function, look, change, feel pain, pleasure. All of it.

*Check out @moon.daughters account on insta for great convos around this!

I feel the more connected we are to all parts of our being and who we are the more this serves us with true connection to ourselves in life.

So periods:

I have begun to lean into this time and what it teaches me... I have less tolerance and filters during that week but it also cleans out things in my life that I need to let go of... As my body cleans and flows as do the things that need to go in other areas of life.

I encourage continued open conversation in this area seeing it as a powerful time to go inwards and ask what is being revealed... Maybe “PMS” is actually serving you? Let’s change the language around it to “heightened awareness”. Doesn’t that feel better?

And oils, yes oils...

• Clary Calm to keep it all in balance emotionally and for physical support... *emotions -behind ears, cramping -on abdomen and lower back

• Deep Blue to area needing a bit more physical support ✌🏻

• Fill the tub with Epsom salts and a few drops Clary Sage + Geranium and soak.

* for those sweating at a pic of my @thedivacup its a brand new unused one and literally a life saver in my world. We became friends 4 years ago or so and never looked back.

Paired with @knixwear (we should just do a post on this brand... OBSSESSED) I haven’t used a tampon or pad in years. These made the biggest difference in my cycle + life! To get your knix cheaper head here:

And use the code meganspoelstra10 to save $10. xo


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