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My 5 Minute Skin Routine.

29 Year old skin forever? Ha ha. ok ok, So i am actually 36 and let me be clear, I am perfectly ok with aging, wrinkles, laugh lines, all of it, to me they show the life lived, the laughs with those I love, living life. That being said I want to do the best I can as I age to keep my skin fresh, nourished and glowing to age as gracefully as I can. Let me start with this. I know glowing skin is as much of an inside job (vitamins, water, diet, sleep) as an outside job. But today I am going to walk you through my simply day to day and products that I love to keep my skin fresh. Secondly, I don't have overly dry skin or walk through the journey of acne. There are babes though I can direct you to to help with that on a more deeper level. This is my quick love on my skin and go daily routine. So let's dig in.

Weekly I use the dōterra detoxifying mud mask. You only need a Very Thin amount for this to be effective. I have many baths weekly with the addition of essential oils + epsom salts and one of those times while having a good soak I apply the mask.

"The formula aims to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pores. While the natural clay in the mask works to purify and detoxify the skin, other ingredients like lentil seed extract help to reduce the appearance of pores and other imperfections of the skin." -dōterra.

It is a fantastic way to promote a clear complexion as it is infused with essential oils such as myrrh, juniper berry and grapefruit. Personally I love how smooth my skin feels afterwards. It gently tingles and wakes up the senses. I also use this mask on my feet and armpits if I feel they also need a little detoxifying. I LOVE the dōterra balance natural deodorant and have found it to be the only natural effective one for me but from time to time my armpits need a little detox so i apply this mask a few times and we are good to go.


Daily Routine.

All the routines mentioned below i do both morning and night. The bookends of my skin routine for each day.

How I wash my face has been a bit of a journey bc I wanted to try cleaning with oil but Oil Cleansing holds some strong myths still. I used to use coconut oil after learning about the benefits and recently began using the dōterra hydrating body mist for cleaning.

I had done some research on using oil to clean my face bc admittedly the concept had me thinking it would result in nothing but major breakouts...

Here's the basics: Oil cleansing is a great way to deep clean the skin without stripping it of all the essential moisture that it needs. Ever heard the concept "like attracts like"? same idea here. The oil is perfect for cleaning the skin and removing makeup, etc bc it binds to all the substances that are clogging the pores, and on the skin making it easy to wipe/clean them away. Many cleaners out there strip the skin of our natural oils which causes it to go into overdrive of oil production. With this guy i experience no dryness, no tightness after washing keeping my own natural protection intact. There are a host of different oils that you can use to clean your face with. I happen to love the mist bc it is infused with essential oils, smells amazing and my skin this winter has been responding so well to it. I apply a small amount to my hand and massage into my face. I then take a warm wet wash cloth and gently rub on my face to remove the oil/make, up whatever needs cleaning. I gently dry my face and on to the next step. I apply Rose oil under my eyes, over any trouble areas that have blemishes, pimples (for stubborn pimples dab a little tea tree on there to dry them up) or areas needing extra love. I have been doing this for years and it is one of my favourite parts of my routines as my skin absolutely loves the queen of the oils, Rose.

The past few months I was finding that under my eyes was a bit puffy in the mornings and I told a dear friend who recommended using my rose quartz roller under my eyes to help promote lymphatic draining. (another post for another day). What I noticed after a week adding the roller with my rose, tighter skin, less puffiness under my eyes, and I absolutely love the feel of the quartz on my skin.

Next, I know this sounds like many steps but i promise it's a 5 minute a day commitment 2x daily and a great time to give some love back on you. Next we add a few drops all over the face of yarrow pom. If you have not experienced this oil yet for your skin you are missing out. It is hands down my favourite oil for my face. It gives the most incredible glow, it has smoothed out my skin immensely from discolouration from the sun over the year.

Babe, it is the best of the best. not only that it provides so many other benefits to the body.

"Yarrow/Pom provides calming the body and mind, promoting cellular, immune, and nervous system health, powerful antioxidant support, healthy metabolic function support, and benefits for the cells.When incorporated into your skincare regimen, Yarrow|Pom has the potential to promote a smooth, youthful complexion. Both Yarrow and pomegranate seed can help to moisturize and restore healthy-looking skin, while also working to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. As a special, proprietary blend, this essential oil works to activate protecting proteins within the skin in order to protect the complexion from enzymes that breakdown collagen and elasticity. To take advantage of the revitalizing and skin-protecting benefits of Yarrow|Pom oil, try applying two drops to the face, chest, neck, and hands each morning and night."

Lastly, I add in the Essential Anti-Aging Moisturizer (* dōterra has a thicker face cream in the Essential Collection line for those needing something a bit thicker for the winter, or dryer skin.) the yarrow/pom and that is the end of my routine.

Leaving me with smooth, glowy very happy skin in a matter of five minutes. I used to not have a routine for my face bc i felt I didn't have the time for it. Everyone has 5 minutes to pause, give their skin some love and begin their day feeling loved on and refreshed. Quick Recap:

  • Detoxing Mud Mask 1x weekly

  • Daily: -Wash: dōterra hydrating mist -Apply Rose under eyes, blemishes, -Roll Rose Quartz Roller: Under the eyes moving outwards from the inner part of eyes -Apply yarrow/ pom to face and neck -Rub in yarrow/pom with 2 pumps of the Anti Aging Moisturizer.

All of the dōterra products mentioned babe can be purchased with a wholesale membership that gives you 25% off all your essential oils and products for a year. If you are not a wholesale customer yet i have created a space to walk you through getting started. If you have a membership already i encourage you to explore the various skin care lines dōterra has created for you. For more daily information on essential oils in your day to day follow along with me over on instagram @the_oil_lovin_momma xo.


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