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Not a Fancy Girl

I’m not a fancy girl.

As I dig into me, into healing I am realizing I don’t need all the bells and whistles and all the things to bring me joy it’s a state I choose to walk in.

But it’s taken me awhile to realize the different elements of it, finding space in the mundane to pause being one of them.

Having a space that is all mine, a tub to soak in, a little corner that I can hide in when I need a hot minute has been everything.

Sanctuary is a word that was on my heart last year and making space to have it. It doesn’t have to be your own tub it can be in your car, in your bed, in your office. But a space you enter that brings peace, calm and connection to you again.

My space has my Epsom salts jar ready to bring the calming power of essential oils. It has coral found on the beach in mexico from my sister, it has driftwood from a magical beach day with my family, it has my favourite candle of all time.

It has all the elements and things I love. When I take a bath my phone goes down (minus the odd pic to speak into that moment later) then the phone goes away, music and the power of oils do their work.

Being in silence does it’s work and from this place I refresh, renew and the clearest direction drops in. I clearly hear God’s voice here and what my next steps are.

Sanctuary my love, what is this for you?

Fav bath oils lately:

⋒ geranium

⋒ clary sage

⋒ sandalwood

⋒ aromatouch


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