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Not Your Cup of Tea.

Babes, I was recently reminded that we are not always going to be everyone’s “cup of tea”. Our intentions, hearts and who we are misunderstood by those who don’t really know us on a personal level. .

The Lessons I was Reminded from that encounter:

Leading others doesn’t mean everyone is going to love your message or style... or even get it. I once heard early in my leadership days that if no one is ticked off at you at some point you are not leading, you are people pleasing. . depending where someone is in their life it might tick them right off, and they might not come back. That’s ok. It makes space for the new and aligned to come in.

Boundaries are essential to staying on your path.

Not everyone is “your people

Not everyone will be happy for you.

Hold tight to the ones who are “your people”

Someone’s reaction is sometimes nothing to do with you but a reflection of them. Don’t believe everything you hear to be your truth. . Some people will always play a victim role no matter what you do, if it’s not you it WILL be the next person babe.

Not everyone is going to get you. The more you follow the call to put yourself out there the more people you meet = more opinions.

My dad used to say opinions are like “buttholes”, everyone has them, isn’t that the truth?

It doesn’t mean the comments don’t sting but consider the source, they are NOT YOUR TRUTH or even yours to carry.

What someone else thinks of you is actually NONE of your business. Period.

Hold your head high, You don’t owe explanations for the things that you feel called into. Made a wrong choice? be human and acknowledge it, apologize and take ownership for your part or role.

Then move on my love.

If you actually know me you know I call a spade a spade, I don’t dance in the realm of “passive aggressive quotes” (ya’ll know the ones I am talking about) to hope my message is sent, I am direct. And clear. Way too much gets misinterpreted in hoping someone gets our point by not actually saying what we mean.

All in all babe keep walking out your path, your truth, your story + stay in your lane, not the one someone thinks you are suppose to play in.


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