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Oils For The Babes.

Who said this kit is just for the kids?

With blends named brave my heart is all over it. Truly have you aquatinted yourself with this line yet for your babies? It was designed with their hearts and little bodies in mind. First they are all diluted in a coconut oil base so ready for your little one to grab and safely use.

This line has empowered my babes to meet their emotional and physical needs.

Thinker: an amazing blend to help with focus and one we use before school, for homework time, and when we need them to sit and learn. Calmer: think peace. My Bella loves this one when she feels anxious. Great for those wild ones and for times you need to turn the dial down a bit. Also unreal for calming an anxious soul. Think... before a test, speeches, uncomfortable school situations, and peaceful bedtimes. Helps restore your mind. Stronger: I compare this to the kids version of on guard but packed FULL of powerhouse oils. I use this for myself even. My kiddos grab this when feeling tired or a little under the weather. My son Also thinks it makes his muscles stronger. Rescuer: think deep blue for babes. Great for tired bodies that play hard, aches, any tension in the body. And a great massage oil to apply while having some great chats with your little one. Steady: my be still my heart blend. Great to quiet the heart, soothe the body, and an oil to use in times of distress. After a big day for kiddos apply to back of neck to steady and balance out the emotions. Brave: the name alone makes me smile. This oil blends blankets your child (and yourself) with confidence and belief. It helps to reset and brings on the emotions to empower you. Bottoms of feet and backs of hands to instill courage, positivity, and the reassurance that you can accomplish anything.

Not just for the kids my love. I use this collection daily on myself too.

They come as single blends or in a collection with the cutest pack to store them. Grab yours HERE my love along with a wholesale account that will give you a 25% discount off all your oils for the next year.

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