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Once upon a time...

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time. Say 10 years ago there was a girl who had a sweet baby boy. She was obsessed with him and knew in her heart she wanted to make many more of them. (man)

She loved this role dearly.

She also got asked the question all the time what she would do someday, *when* she was going "back to work" etc. It always seemed to be a common question amongst other people.

What she would do someday to earn her “title” bc raising babies you know is only temporary “work”

But her heart wanted to be with that boy always so she began to look at creative ways to make a lil side hustle.

She knew she couldn’t watch other people’s babies bc she simply loved hers more. (True story, hats off to my mommas rocking home daycare!)

She thought perhaps photography was her jam as she loved art so she bought a VERY fancy camera and did 2 photo shoots and realized she didn’t like people telling her what to do when it came to her creativity.

She decided to put her focus on her babes and they made it work.... but there was a knowing that a seed deep in there was telling her that someday she would own her own business as the entrepreneurial side of her slowly began to sprout.

She knew though for certain that she NEVER ever ever would do one of those mlm pyramid schemes though bc everyone was doing them and it was so annoying. Did they even actually do work? all this empower women, self care ra ra crap. NO THANKS. that's not a "real" job.

Then... she fell in love with essential oils and after a year of using them realized her heart couldn’t stop sharing about the oils. She realized that mlm wasn’t actually so bad after all (and that pyramid schemes are illegal) and done in the right way was a beautiful way to build community, love and support with like minded women in ways she never imagined... the doors burst open. She had never experienced God the way she did as He kept telling her to grow and grow... and grow she did... it allowed her to raise her babies on her terms and eventually set her family free in every sense. While connecting to the mommas that were just like her years ago looking for solutions and passion in something that was hers.

It grew and it grew up until the point where it started setting other families free in the most beautiful ways. Feeling empowered by the oils and having solutions + the babes that found themselves in the biz and are creating freedom in all areas. Now if you were that girl 10 years ago totally get it... right here you can *insert the eye roll* another one bites the dust... that girl was naive to what this professional actually can bring your life. upon entering doterra you instantly notice the culture the community and the amazing souls it attracts. there is a love and passion and desire to see all grow no matter what "team" you are on. the focus is on serving others + improving people's lives with the world's most beautiful essential oils. the heart of the owners truly filters down into the people who serve their communities with education and love.

and when that girl had a taste of this her heart knew. That little seed had been planted many years ago. And it wasn’t until many years later that the small stepping stones began to make sense.

And well let’s just say the rest is history.


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