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Redefining Self Care

Redefining self care... not just bubble baths, nails done... It's about taking care of your soul.

It's about forgiving others so we don’t let the emotions fester and manifest. It's about unfollowing accounts that make you feel less then or like you can't keep up. or needing to protect your time so creating less of a distraction... less noise for a season. It's about boundaries in relationships even with loved ones. and having the tough conversations bc you are worth it. choosing who you surround yourself with. (Pay attention to how you feel when you leave someone's presence) It's about intuitive eating and removing yourself from the entire diet culture crap and getting back in tune with you, and what YOUR body actually needs. It's about seeking out help and therapy when your soul needs extra support. It's about making time to be quiet, getting proper rest and listening to what your needs are. It's about saying no to the things that drain you, leaving you feeling like it takes days to recover from it. *do not get this mixed up with when you need to say yes to grow in to something. i am talking about saying yes to all the things when your plate is full babe... saying yes to the things that do not contribute to growth but are out of fear of disappointing someone at your expense. It's about buying the bigger pair of shorts for the summer bc your body grew since last year and still loving and honouring your body despite that change. instead of hateful self negative talk and restricting all things to fit those damn shorts. It's about working out to fuel, give energy and bring you peace. not so you feel less guilt about the calories you have or are going to consume. It's about making time to listen, have kind conversations with yourself, giving grace where it is needed and stop thinking that the busy hustle hustle lifestyle always equates to success. It's about being kinder to yourself and others bc it comes from a place of love + peace. My darling its truly about paying attention to what you need to thrive not simply survive. in a culture that tells you that you need more to feel enough i am here to challenge you that its all actually already inside of you. xo


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