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Resources to Learn to Use Your Essential Oils

Resources to learn.

I am often asked what books I use, what books I reference, how do I know what I know?

Most of it comes with removing the caps and playing and experimenting with my oils.

I love to play.

I love the way the oils support our bodies and wellness and am committed to being a student always...

I also love to research and learn, dig into the emotional benefits, attend trainings and find other ways to use the oils for deeper support.

So let’s dig into some fav resources I love to reference.

Swipe for pics 👉🏼

Modern Essentials: a great resource that is straight to the point and super easy to find what you are looking for. A section offers all the things specific oils can cover and the back is a guide to many different ailments and protocols to support you.

Essential life: a great recourse similar to Modern Essentials. There are chapters that cover subjects more in-depth. A great coffee table type learning book. I love this one to sit and read and learn.

*also an app

Essential Emotions: hands down my FAVOURITE resource for using the oils to support your emotional well-being. This book is one I have leaned heavily on this past year and learned so much from.

Symphony of the cells + flip book on pain in the body and emotions connected to the location of pain. If you have a chance to attend this training in person it is 100% with it. Oil protocols to use to support the body in BIG ways. We reference this book often and I am amazed how our bodies respond to the recommended treatments.

The flip book I reference all the time to deeper understand what’s happening in my body + emotions behind it.

So where to buy?

Some great places include:


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