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Sore Muscle Support

Warm weather means gardening, more time outdoors, maybe catching up on those projects that needed love...

And perhaps you are feeling some new muscles that haven’t been stretched in a bit.

Yesterday I had an amazing workout with free weights and a ride on the peloton (my body was craving it) and felt it the next day and reached for these babes to support.

Got yours yet?

Whatever is making you feel new muscles these two oils are my go to.

Deep blue: an amazing oil for releasing the tension helping support the area by cooling and soothing. Helping to relax your muscles and give them some love.

Peppermint: I like to add this one over to help drive it deeper into the tissues and for an extra release and cool.

Deep blue rub: is also a fantastic support!! A great tingle.

All great supports without the added junk.

*ladies... wanting to get the man in your life into oils? Introduce them to deep blue. ;) if sports are being played again this year... you may become the team fav.

If you use after working out or after a shower just make sure the pores have closed up or you WILL feel a deep tingle... don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Things I also I use this pair for:

• After a workout.

• After sitting a while.

• After long car rides.

• For head tension.

• For cooling the body.

• On my shoulders when emotionally tense.

• On my jaw, I hold lots of tension here.

• On kiddos shins for growing pains.

• That time of the month cramping.

• When I was pregnant on my hips and lower back daily + for shoulders from hunched over with nursing. *as a cautious to nursing momma’s they say peppermint can decrease milk supply potentially I never experienced this but like to give a heads up.

• Kiddos (or adults) after playing sports.



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