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This blend.

The one that equips my favourite littles to be stronger both body, heart and soul.

Not the only tool we equip them with, for stronger hearts and souls require so many

actions and love. But a tool in our tool box to add to their routines that supports them greatly. It is our protective blend, with features like cedarwood, litsea, frankincense and rose.

It is a powerhouse blend for the body both

physically and emotionally.

Frankincense, the oil of restoring. The oil that loves your cells deeply, the oil that calms my babes after a long day and reminds them that they are strong and fierce.

Rose, my favourite of all the oils. She opens your heart more deeply to giving and receiving love. She nurtures the soul deeply and has this incredible vibration that speaks to the cells, not to mention she is my go to for immunity support. The oil that loves my little’s hearts when momma can’t be there.

Cedarwood, the calming presence of this oil is one I am drawn to often in my blends. It’s the oil i use to calm my boy’s hearts and minds after a full day. Think grounding and so much calm at bedtime.

Litsea, this oil and I are still getting to know one another but I know from researching it that it promotes the health of cardiovascular, immune, nervous, and respiratory systems as well as adding more balance to ones life.

Personally I’m drawn to it when my body is starting to feel down and needing a boost.

S T R O N G E R.

This is the blend I send my babies out into the world with. To protect their hearts in the world and to keep their bodies strong especially in this season.

Feeling the pull to add this one in to your collection my love or start a collection?

let's connect. i would love to send you a sample to try it for yourself.

If you know you are ready to bring the oils into your home you can do so here... or check out our page dedicated top walking you through which package to start with that will serve your home best over at Getting started with oils.


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