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The Everything Spray

One bottle of on guard concentrate and so so many uses. We preach simple over here.

One product.

All the things.

• DIY multipurpose spray that we use for:

- Counters

- High chair

- Fridge

- Stove top

- Shower

- Sinks

- Surfaces

- Table

- Walls

E V E R Y T H I N G.


•✌🏻 generous squirts of on guard concentrate

• 20 drops of a fav EO (ex. lemon, wild orange)

• Water

• Cute spray bottle

Straight up on guard concentrate we use for:

• Add a squirt to the mop bucket for floors

• Add a squirt to the dishwasher instead of soap

• Add a squirt to the toilet bowl to use as cleaner

• Add a squirt + a few drops lemon EO to give produce a wash.

• Add a squirt to super crusty pans and grab a fav scrub brush

Clean, effective, safe for all members of the home while adding the touch of essential oils to your space.

I kinda like to brag that my toilet bowl cleaner is also my produce wash... not many can say that 😉


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