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Where is the Manual On Parenting?

There’s something about that sweet euphoric baby smell that fills my soul with joy.

Love this little niece of mine. I love the phase of watching a new momma tenderly get to know her baby. And my sister is rocking it if I do say so myself

Being with them reminds me of those beginning days of our babies. When both mother and child were birthed.

Those tender moments of pure love, pure exhaustion, pure am I doing this right, pure how did this happen? Pure will I ever sleep again or have “free time”?

Daniel and I used to joke that we couldn’t believe we did a baby course for a few weeks, deliver the baby and then they actually let us go home with it.

Hello where is the hand book on all this? Oh those sweet learning days where everything was new, unfamiliar and you were running off intuition with baby and guesses while you get acquainted to their sounds, cries, squeaks (are you actually hungry AGAIN ? Gas? Burp? Pooped?) while living on 2 hours of sleep if you were lucky and bagels.

Motherhood was and is still the hardest and most joyful thing I have ever done. And as our kids grow we still continually find ourselves in uncharted waters... again, where is the manual?

I thought as they grew older we would have figured it out. Again as they birth into each new phase so do we as parents, our knowledge deepens through the experiences and we continually are learning to navigate this all together. Simply now with a little more sleep under our belts but sometimes just as unsure in some moments how to guide the next steps. Following our intuition.

Remember we are all in this together.

I encourage love, no matter what stage give love and grace... you are both learning. Surround yourself with community not just for advice but for love and support for you. Surround your babies with love and prayer.

And know my love you are doing a good job. Even if you just fed your toddler KD for breakfast.

xo. M.


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