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Who Owns Your Worth?

Stop letting someone’s “no” become the measure of your value or worth.

Or allowing someone’s lack of seeing you, truly seeing you, become your truth.

Because someone does not see your value or what you have to offer do not dim or dilute it for them to see it.

I promise the right people will come along who see you exactly as you are, love you exactly as you are, and know your value exactly as you are.

Too many times we seek the approval of others, the nod of “you made it”. To be seen by “them”. Some people spend their whole lives waiting on the approval of someone or to simply be seen by them. To be “in” with them.

My love if they choose to not see you that is not on you.

Know your value.

Know your worth.

Know what you have to offer.

Know your magic.

Know your heart and soul.

Know your gifts.

Know what you have to offer the world.

Know “your people” exist and are out there.

Know that opportunity in your heart is for you and chase it despite what anyone thinks is “better” for you.

Know you are seen

Know you are loved.

If you have to prove yourself, become a different version of yourself or play a role to be accepted around another person... it’s your heart and soul that suffers because your beautiful authentic self is told by even you that you are not good enough as you are.

Surround yourself with love.

And for my mommas, they are watching, you are their guide. They are following your example. Know your value for you, know your value for them.

xo. M.


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