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The Business

If your heart is curious if there is something more here for you love we want to be a part of your journey. 

We believe in love, the oils, and community.  And are here to guide you in your journey to creating a different life. 

Whether you are looking to grow a little side biz, to create a little extra cash flow or to create a full time business we are here to guide you step by step. 

Not every heart will feel the pull to sell oils but some will start to notice how much they are telling others about these amazing oils. You may start to find yourself wondering what if... and just maybe... I can tell you beyond motherhood this has been the greatest adventure of my life.  I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people I would have never known had it not been for dōterra. 

Today I have the opportunity to link arms with hundreds of other women who together we educate others on the power of essential oils. 

Together as a Blue Diamond Team we educate thousands collectively world wide.  

Message me for Access to Our Global Collaborative Tribe Lounge to serve both your future customers and provide you with all the resources you need to get started. 



Not only have many of these women become the greatest friends they have truly become family as we grow together, build our dreams together, travel together and simply do life together. 

Whether you are someone looking to make a little side income, pay for your oils, or create an income beyond your wildest dreams love you are welcome here.  You can sit at our table anytime my love. 

I cannot wait to connect with you. 

Meg xo

Everyone is welcome at

our table.

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Let's Connect

I would love to arrange a time to chat online or face to face if local to talk about what this opportunity could look like for you. I love to get a feel for your expectations, dreams, and visions and than create a plan together accordingly. In the meantime you will find below a video explaining what this opportunity could look like for you.  Feel free to watch and than lets connect. 
*my email is at the bottom of the page

*To begin I always encourage you to purchase your oils and begin to play first.  From this place you will naturally begin to feel the urge to share about what you are learning. 

This business can look totally different for each person. My heart is to find what works best for you to thrive, grow, and create a beautiful community and business, so love grab your oils or the kit that meets your home's needs and cozy up and watch The Opportunity Video and then lets chat

The Opportunity

A video created just for you explaining the business opportunity, briefly reviewing the compensation plan and what it would like like to share or start your own business with doterra. after you watch feel free to connect back with me to plan next steps. xo


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