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our tribe

over the past 4 years we have had over 5500+ homes join us on our journey to empower others with the oils... 

of those 5500+ babes about 10% feel the calling to share, educate and love on others about all the things they have learned. 

this is what formed the oil lovin' momma biz tribe.  

we have teams all over the world leading and growing their own tribes.

In 5 short years this 'cute lil oil biz team" otherwise known as the oil lovin' momma tribe grew to the rank of blue diamond and has created a multiple six figure dollar per year income for our family.  

our tribe is a group of babes empowering one another with the oils and creating time +  financial freedom by serving and doing what we truly love, sharing our stories + our passion for the oils. 

there is no magic answer to growing this biz.   i can promise you though what is created here is each person creating their own tribe and community of people and together we create magic.  we are a tribe who have awakened to our higher calling and are stepping boldly into a role of love, leadership + growth. 

if you are feeling the pull to do something new, to find more passion and purpose to your days, to speak love, perhaps create a little more income or to lead a massive movement offering wellness to others, supplementing your income while giving others guidance on their journey while you learn yours this just might be your dream "job"

we would love to connect and share with you the opportunity waiting for you. 


who we are

More details 

we are a tribe linking arms on a mission to change the lives of others.  to lead them home to a life of deeper wellness using essential oils.  we embrace and welcome abundance.  creating a life of time + financial freedom to further love and serve.  we are story tellers who believe we have a story to tell that the world needs to hear. 

Meet the Tribe

Silver and above oil lovin' momma team leaders 

i have the honour of working side by side with these beautiful souls working together to pour into the lives of others.  they are leading the way for thousands... honouring, each souls individual journey, and yet working togethers as one collective.  i am excited for you to meet these women that i call family. 
*click on the pics to find out a little bit more about who these dolls are xo

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