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 writing is my therapy

for as long as i can remember journalling has been a part of my life.  

writing a form of therapy to release the words trapped in my soul that need a voice.  over the past few years i have felt a nudge to share it. 

to write posts and share the message my heart has that day.  in time i learned that in no way was i alone but that others too are walking in similar spaces. and that when we shed light on the truths and share our stories it build community. 

we connect to one another in our "humaness" and something beautiful is sprouted.  

along with my instagram account i have decided to begin to blog to share my story. to share life, motherhood, truth, womanhood and all the joys in between. i cannot promise it will be perfect but i can promise the words will be mine and i am committed to showing up genuinely in this space. 

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