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Hello there...

oh hey darling. i figured i would make my very first blog post

a little introduction one as we are either dear friends who know each other or simply getting to now one another for the first time. in either case hello beautiful! welcome. if you know me you know i am terrible at small talk. i love to dive right in. i usually deliver truth with a full scoop of love and sometimes say things that are border line inappropriate. my heart told me to create this space for a few reasons. i love to write. its like therapy to me and interestingly i have found it connects to other's hearts too. i felt guided to expand this space so here we are. i have no idea what this is all going to look like, the consistency (i know who actually admits that when showing up online) or what this will grow into. i simply know that when God puts a prompt on your heart and whispers in your ear leap. you listen girl. i wanted to create a space for women like me moving through the motions of growing up, and committing to showing up as who we were created to be. it's not always going to be pretty, and my heart already has some deep goodness for you my love but i am excited to expand here with you. So i would like to formally welcome you darling. xo


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