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Spring got you Sniffling?

Seasonal Threats.

My hubby sat at the table the other night after being outside all afternoon ...

Runny nose.

Puffy eyes.

Every spring it hits him as the pollen + plants begin to come to life. Grabbed a few tri ease and he was good to go.

So here’s three ways to support your body:

01. Triease - caps pre-made for you simply pop 1-2 and go.

I gave my husband two and within minutes all discomfort gone. His words “I still can’t believe how fast those work”

For extra support swipe a little easy air over the bridge of the nose or under to help things “drain”

02. Shot - small amount of water

2 drops each lemon / peppermint / lavender

Gargle and swallow.

03. Roller - swipe over bridge of nose

10 drops each lemon / peppermint / lavender

Fill with FCO.

It really can be this easy love.

•no side effects

•no drowsiness

•no timing when to take your next round

•effective + fast support


Not yet a member? I made you a link for your own little season support kit. 👇🏻 (for Canadians, other countries message me to get you set up and supported)


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