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What Does Healing Even Look Like?


What does that even look like? What does it even mean?

For each person it looks completely different. For me it has mean't layers of tools, people, oils, wellness, boundaries, rest... And if needed, taking a step back for a bit in the things that demand more of me that I don’t have the capacity to carry in this season.

It’s rest on the intense healing emotional days, allowing the body to walk through + feel the hard stuff.

Healing to me is knowing you are held and safe to feel and this to shall pass once you have walked through it.

It’s embracing all sides of you. And being authentic to each one. Not shoving down the sides that aren’t always pleasant to feel.

It’s seasons of amazing joyful days followed by emotional ones even though nothing changed between the two.

It’s getting to know yourself, finding yourself amongst the layers, a reacquainting and reawakening.

Living in the roots of who you were designed to be. Walking in love.

Finding You.

I encourage sweet darling if there are parts of you that keep coming up asking for love + healing don’t push them down for they are still you. Give them the nurturing they need to be felt and released as you would all parts of you.


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