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You Are Not a Before Picture.

You are not a before picture.

I read these words recently and they sunk in deep.

I used to not only be a slave to the scale but the endless “before” pics.

Snap a pic and then tell myself it’s ok this is not your body we can change this. It’s the starting point.

Enter new diet, new gym routine... pour my heart into it. Get stressed bc it wasn’t balanced or sustainable, fall off.

I would place them side by side and criticize each and every thing.

Here’s the thing though... some pics my body was smaller, some larger but the same depth of discontent was still there. If I could just change, lift, tighten, smooth out...

It was a loosing battle bc nothing was going to be perfect enough and to be bold it never will be.

There will always be parts of my body that may not be my favourite. Some things I love, some I am working to have neutrality towards.

We don’t have to love every single thing about our shells love but, pouring constant energy into altering them or presenting them as perfect so they are accepted or loved is a playground I work daily to walk away from.

God created us all perfectly and that is a truth I prefer each day to choose to walk in. Not saying it’s easy but my love it is a choice which “rabbit hole” you dive into.


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