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I snapped this pic of this babe the other day while floating in the tub to bring his body temperature down. So Fevers. As a momma these used to freak me right out. I would panic at the first sign and pop in Tylenol or Advil bc that is all I knew at the time. As I grew my intuitive bone as a Momma and dug in, I learned a few things. A fever is the body communicating that something is going on, that it is fighting off something. Personally I am ok for them to have a fever as long as it doesn’t rage out of control in dangerous zones or they are in incredible discomfort. So... i kept checking his temperature with the thermometer to make sure it’s was in a safe range but I allowed the body to do what it needed and supported my kiddo in the process.

Here's what we do here:

To be clear. I am not a Doctor, Just a health conscious momma. I am not treating, diagnosing or curing anything I am simply supporting the body and sharing with you how we do in our home. Momma i always encourage to use your discretion, take your babies to get checked out if you feel it's something more. I am also not an all or nothing babe and if it was at a point where something further was needed we would do so. For the most part this protocol of oils has served our home well many times over so we share what we know. So let's jump in... to begin:

-.bath with Epsom salts + aromatouch Oil. It’s my fav for calming the body and supporting my family. *bath water is luke warm (not crazy hot or cold) and cools the body down gently. -drink lots of water if they will. I add a drop of lemon to help flush things faster -breathable cotton jammie’s -wet cold cloth on head if wanted can add a couple drops of lavender to it -as babies I used to put wet socks on their feet and believe it or not it drew out the fever most times -snuggles


Rose Touch Roller all over throat, spine and around ears hourly.

Support Roller Blend for supporting bodies. -10 drops frankincense -10 drops tea tree -10 drops lemon -10 drops on guard -5 drops oregano

*fill with fco roll hourly on spine and bottoms of feet. *for wee babes heavily dilute and do bottoms of feet only

Peppermint roller - 10 drops peppermint fill with fco and i apply as needed to spine to assist with further cooling.

-also great for head tension, sore muscles, aches and pains *when they were wee babes i diluted this heavily.

The key loves with your oils is consistency... apply them hourly to keep supporting the body over and over love.

I keep at this protocol until i begin to see the body responding and then continue for a few days after to make sure the body has fully kicked out whatever unwelcomed "bug "was trying to make a home in their body.


If you have these dōterra oils in your home already I encourage you to whip up these two blends (Support Roller + Peppermint Roller) to have on hand and ready. For the times in between when we are no longer feeling under the weather but wanting immune support our go to is: The Stronger Roller -i created a post here about it. Rose Touch Roller

On Guard Touch or create your own roller with 10 drops on guard + fco. *apply daily to bottoms of the feet or spine for daily immune support.


If you are new to oils and have not purchased them yet dōterra has created some amazing starter kits for you to begin your oil journey with the top 10 oils. You can create many products with them to support a healthy home and supported body. All the oils in the support roller + immune boosting roller (on guard) are found in our Healthy Start Kit which can be purchased by heading to the GET STARTED page. Follow the link underneath the image of the Healthy Start Kit to begin today.

This also will give you a wholesale account which gives you 25% off all your oils for an entire year. You can order whenever you please and have all your products shipped right to your door. This will also give you access to our Facebook Community to learn along over a thousand others and my dear I LOVE sending a little welcome package full of goodies to you to support your learning. Questions? Please reach out. I love to connect. xo Meg.


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